Yolanda Be Cool feat. Crystal Waters – Le Bump

Behind The Scenes at Yolanda Be Cool’s Video Clip

Yolanda Be Cool “Le Bump” Ft Crystal Waters (Original) [PREVIEW]

On the one hand we have Yolanda be Cool, co-writers of arguably one of the biggest dance smash crossovers in recent years in We No Speak Americano, an infectious Italian pop folk gypsy jam that destroyed dancefloors from Mombassa to the Moon and back!

And on the other hand? Crystal Waters, famed American singer songwriter and legendary diva of house music, known for her equally classic releases in Gypsy Woman and 100% Pure Love, songs which reached as high as 4 and 8 respectively on the American billboard charts in the early mid nineties (damn if we only we added Quest Love from the roots we could have had a super group)!

Alas this is a big moment for us here at Sweat, so i wish to move away from sounding too wikipedia!

The big question is, how do YBC follow up a record that broke all the records ? Well they go back to their roots dummy… but i must be honest and let you know it was a bumpy ride to get this smoking hot second single from Yolanda be Cool! After the success of Americano the industry cried out for more bombs in that style, in fact we were offered ready made tracks for sale that the lads could have just tweaked and stamped for the approval. But in true Yolanda fashion the guys dug into their soul and rejected the easy formula of recreating what they had already dusted.

And the response, Le Bump, featuring the effortlessly unmistakable vocals of Crystal Waters! If we think of Americano as bubblegum, big, sticky, pop and colourful, think of Le Bump as a big boozy cocktail and a cuban! Its a lil more grown up, alot more flirty and the flavour last much longer. With a hot jazz funk hook and bumpin vocals to match, its a house fire on a bar and long after you have removed the bubblegum from your shoes you will be singing this! I am not going to tell you to turn it up loud, or play it on every stereo you have ever owned, dont need to, its smokin regardless!

Champion by Annie Mac, Pete tong, BBBC Radio 1 and Switch

Released this saturday, 22nd October 2011