Yolanda Be Cool & Worthy – Pump the Rump

In the words of Yolanda Be Cool – “It was day three of Burning Man last year. We were a little sleep deprived and partying out at Disco Knights. The dj was DESTROYING it. We went to check who was playing and to our PLEASANT surprise, it was our buddy Worthy. After he finished, we gave him some of our special water bottle and he told us how he wanted us to meet his girlfriend whom he planned to propose to at some stage that week. Not long after, a crew of us got on our bikes and rode off into the desert and the deep playa. As the sun rose and our heads slowly dropped off our necks, word got around that Worthy had decided it was time to pop the question. It was sooooo epic. Sky divers were dropping from what seemed like space and our buddy had dropped to his knee. Needless to say, we celebrated.

Fast forward a year and we were lucky enough to be groomsmen at Worthy and Brittany’s burning man wedding. Once again – an epic setting and an epic crew. Followed by an epic after party where it all began – Disco Knights – where we got to warm up for the groom.

Sometime in between these 2 burns, Worthy toured Australia and came over to our studio where we worked on PUMP THE RUMP. We’ve all been playing it for a while and it never disappoints. But don’t believe us. Give it a go.”

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