Act Yo Age – Song For Nona

Act Yo Ages’ Song For Nona has been the most difficult track to blurb! Its like some molecular gastronomy fine dining thing, you know it tastes great but you are not really sure of the ingredients, nor which way to eat it….in a way its like a newly (de) constructed prawn cocktail, vaguely reminiscent of the 50s, 60’s but with a whole new flavour. Sure its deepish, but its swamped up conga – funk gone mad slicked down in brill creme in a tux! Smooth and creamy it can really only be described as crooner tech! Yes its been getting props from Renaissance man and Sinden, who know how to do the ocean liner boogaloo! We are brilled up in the pants too, with Savage Skulls, The Bulgarian and Franki Chan getting in on the remix action!

I mean WTF Granny!….what did you do to inspire such a track