Adapt or Die – ‘Right Over You / Won’t Doubt Ya’

Adapt or Die, the dream team comprising Tony Mitolo (drummer for the Swiss, Empire of the Sun) and Alex Gooden (keys player for Bluejuice amongst many others) are back with another EP that screams sweaty clubs and basements and already has Brodinski down as an early supporter (“Wow.”)

If only all “club” tunes could have the funk that Right Over You has. It’s like James Brown made love with a very angry, tough German – and this is their child – who after spending equal times in America and Germany, settled in France where it has been feeding itself on scraps left outside the restaurants around Paris Social Club, until now, it’s coming of Age.

Won’t Doubt Ya is def at the same family gatherings, but being younger (slower) coming in at a very sexy 115bpms, it’s like they went to different schools, or their mums were from different parts of Germany, or is it just a penchant for very sleazy back rooms that gives Won’t DOubt Ya it’s vibe. Either way, its vibe city.

It’s ready and waiting for you in iTunes now!