Crooked Colours – Another Way

Signing an act sometimes feels like how I imagine it must feel to bid on a thoroughbred at a horse auction. You can see the pedigree – and all points towards a successful career – but you never actually know what is going to happen until they get on the racetrack.

Some of them will perform as per their genes suggested while others, for whatever reason, will end up as dog food. Kinda like artists. Some look the goods and become the goods, others become, i dunno, shoe salesmen.

“Another Way” from Crooked Colours is for me, proof beyond ANY doubt, that these boys are true class, real artists, here to stay, insert hyperbole, insert exclamation mark, awesome.

While “Another Way” doesn’t sound like any of their other songs, it sounds like a Crooked Colours song and that’s what excites me. If Bob Dylan was born in the late 80’s maybe this is what he’d be making. Electronic synth blues? Whatever, it’s like nothing else and it’s dope.

But we got options. We know we like to club and Mickey Kojak comes correct. I’ve had this mix on repeat, i think it may be his best thing yet (another thoroughbred success!!!). From Argentina comes groove wamp city via our boy Aszido who already counts peeps such as Kolombo as a fan. And last but not least, we got the trap funk (is that a genre???) of GRMM to round out this lil pack of goodness.