Dangerous Dan & Nicky Night Time – California

California, a slice of booty funk soul house so dance floor good, it’s set to do the job all over again (enter rekord box, enter USB key)

As for our dudes, Dan Single and Nicky Night Time are 2 guys that need no introduction. If you need to me to tell you that Dan is one of the original Bang Gang party starters, Ksubi and now Daan fashion emperor and all round Mr Cool, or that Nicky is the voice and guitar and producer that comprise the legendary band Van She, a musical powerhouse and all round Mr Nice Guy (very cool too).

In any case, here they are on our beloved Sweat It Out for what is the very, very overdue follow up to the anthemic “Around the World Again,” this time jacking some California vibes and this time, it’s 2014.

Available now via iTunesĀ