Go Freek – Bump The Night EP

The Bump In the Night EP is the first of a very exciting string of releases lined up for these guys on Sweat It Out. It’s 4 absolute tech funk weird ass ghetto bangers, that include drops (yes, these tunes have drops – sorry snobby dude – but it’s what the kids want) – that will leave you scratching your head going WTF just happened, whilst your dance floor loses it in ways not seen since peeps like Yuksek arrived on the scene in 2005.

With a growing list of supporters, including Boys Noize, Bart B More, Doorly and Diplo, please take the time to listen to this EP, you may have no idea how they came up with the ideas, but u will be giving the kids what they want in a very cool and interesting way. Kinda like how Jamie Oliver feeds the fatties with healthy food.

Go Freek, they may be weird, but damn we are happy to have them join Sweat It Out.

Available via iTunes now.