Pablo Calamari – Riddim Killers EP

There is always some confusion when a track is described as a killer, as with djs or artists when they are described as killing it. I have heard of a djs who “killed it” meaning that the dance floor was made dead, but also of certain sets when the term “killed it” indicated a very successful performance. I mean as if the world wasn’t confusing enough. I can admit on certain occasions i have killed it but i have also “killed it”. And when i have killed it (proper)i have played killers as in killers not fillerz (not to be confused with The Killers). By now your thinking oh shut the fuck up jax and describe the song. …okay! Our favourite man of swamp funk and raggatronic jams Pablo Calamari newest release on Sweat It Out is titled Riddim Killers. A cheeky four track ep of block party rude boy badness, bumpin tribal b boybreaks, . Four rump shaking, double dutch smoking bombs that will have you thinking”hey this riddim wasnt killed, it was bought alive”. Yes indeed the termed killed, killers and killing as used a descriptive term is confusing. (About as confusing as a smoking lion with a pierced ear and dreadlocks) , but it sounds alot better than saying Riddim Birther or Riddim Saver which sounds like a jamaican bank account. Now just dont get me started on the word bombs.