Polographia – Rhythm ft. Jordan Padilla

As much as this is a “dj promo,” and as much as we at Sweat are a “dj music label,” whatever that means (seems to work when describing it to my great aunt and uncle,) our A&R policy is, and always has been, if we love it, no matter what style, what tempo, we will sign it.

Case in point, our newest members of the Sweat familia, Polographia.

We ABSOLUTELY love “Rhythm,” the first single off the equally loved (and dropping soon) “Natural EP.” And while it may not be “dj music,” we’re pretty sure you need to soundtrack chilled Sundays by the pool, walks along the beach with a loved one perhaps, or even dream of finding a loved one – in any case, the wistful musings ofJordan Padilla over the dreamy, lush musical landscape that is Polographia on“Rhythm” gotchu covered.

Formed in 2011 Polographia brought out their first EP ‚ÄúSunsets”, with great request for more music the boys have been working hard on their sound. Staying active on stage they have also been involved in Since I Left You (The Avalanches, presented by Jonti and the kids / Astral People) which had huge success selling out shows at Opera House and Melbourne Festival.

While it may seem like a while since you have heard from Daniel and Mokhtar, stress not – they spent the off season honing their sound before they sent their EP to us – and believe us – Rhythm is just the first of many quality releases from the boys of Polographia.