Sinden – Thick As Thieves EP (Part 1)

Let’s be real. LA has more producers than anywhere else in the world right now. And even if they don’t all live their, they all visit on the reg. Sinden, a man that needs no introduction, has been living their the last few years and needless to say, his phone probably has more dope producers in it than Hugh Hefner’s phone has hot blondes. So when he sent us 10 tunes, all bombs, all collabs, all release ready – a – we signed them on the spot – and b – we had to split the releases up.

So…..this is Thick As Thieves Part One. It’sSinden and his list of contacts…….all stopping by for a jam out.

First up is Dirty Bird stalwart Christian Martin and “Ready.” Heads down tight as tite club steez. Next up is Main Course main man Astronomar and “Buss It,” prob my personal fave of the three, unleash this at3am and send us the results (please do actually.) And last but not least is Jersey club pin up boy R3II who with main man G, create something really really special and perhaps hard to define as any genre other than basement bomb.

So there u have it. Thick As Thieves Part One. Kinda like an LA club music version of a Hefner threesome.